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Alabama Prison Wardens Administer Death Penalty

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Jackson reportedly used the gun to seize control of his cellblock, starting a riot that claimed his own life, plus those of three guards and two other inmates. As outlined earlier by the participants, every execution must go perfectly and there is no room for error. Pennsylvania patterned their procedures after visiting and observing the methodology used in Texas.

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But the death penalty, however administered and imposed, will always breach the right to life and the prohibition on cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment. As in previous periods, the criminal justice system was used to marginalize and penalize people of color. Sociological Theories of Human Emotions.


Alabama Criminal Code states that with regard to a mental stale defense.
Arkansas the executing state both times.


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Dana began working at the prison when very young and like others in this study, upon hire had no idea working in the prison would become the lifelong profession. Tapes and written documents have not been, nor will not be duplicated for any reason under any circumstance. Why do you keep always quiet about that?

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