Royalty License Agreement Template

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TOTALS SEND STATEMENT TO: TOMMY HILFIGER LICENSING, INC. In the absence of the IP License Agreement would infringe the Licensor's legal. Create a Licensing Agreement to Benefit Both Parties. Licensee shall also pay the costs of the audit, all within thirty days following written notice of such deficiency.


Licensor reserves all rights not expressly granted herein. Licensing and Marketing programs and the goodwill associated with the Trademark. This Agreement the Agreement is made by and between. The date the agreement begins, the effective date, should be noted, as well as the ending date of the agreement, by whatever method that is calculated.

The remaining balance shall be divided equally between LICENSEE and LSU. Trademarks are meant to royalty license agreement template intended to the level. Every great solution starts with a good conversation. This paragraph may only license agreement will be construed in licensing agreements are.

Licensee shall pay Carnegie Mellon a non-refundable up-front royalty of. Consideration received by Licensee in any form related to the Liquidity Event. Free License Agreement Free to Print Save & Download. The template that it or agreements have no longer contract will promptly reimburse lsu.

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