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The lifelines are: Safety and Security; Food, Water, Shelter; Health and Medical, Energy and Communications. Chance of a shower or two during the morning, followed by partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant program and through leveraged resources contributed by local partner agencies.

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LANE COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS: Come work for an organization that values stewardship, diversity, and teamwork. Construction and design references for other public agency improvements. The local street network Streets shallmustprovide logical and efficient extensions of the public street system to adjoining properties.

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Junction boxes for street lighting must only be utilized for street crossings or where necessary to comply with electrical code standards cited above.

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Each category of street is considered separately. City Hall is closed during the Santa Clara County Shelter In Place. Curbs shall be constructed in conformance with the Standard Construction Specifications.

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LRAPA has divided the State NSR program into two parts: Type A, which generally applies in nonattainment, reattainment, and maintenance areas, and Type B, for attainment, unclassifiable, and sustainment areas.

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